The giving and receiving of wedding presents is a special experience for all involved. Putting together your wedding list is for most couples a difficult and time consuming process:


  • Who are you inviting to your celebrations?
  • Where are you going to "keep" your wedding list?
  • How do you manage who gets what from your Wedding List?
  • Which retailer do you choose to manage your Wedding List if you are doing things this way?
  • What do you want / need anyway?
  • You'd really like something "big" that your guests could only afford if they clubbed together!


Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could choose your own presents when you want to rather than try to make up your minds before the Wedding? And if you found something "big" you REALLY wanted you could top up with some of your own money? And why not support your favourite charity with a free donation of 3% of the total value of your Wedding gifts?


With Charity Gift Voucher's Wedding List Service, you can! All you have to do is:


  • Choose the retailer / retailers you want to buy from.
  • Register your name and wedding details with us.
  • Let us know the charity you would like us to make a donation to.
  • Let your guests know to purchase their present from Charity Gift Vouchers  and give the name of "The Happy Couple". We will supply specially designed card for you to send to all your guests. See sample on the right.
  • Let us know whether you would like to receive all the vouchers as they are purchased or as a single delivery around your wedding day.


Wedding Card
Charity Gift Vouchers Link

We can supply virtually any retail or leisure voucher you require including the unique Love2Shop Voucher which can be used at over 70 Retail and leisure Groups. And we will make a free donation of 3% of the value of vouchers purchased to ANY UK charity nominated by you!


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